Saturday, June 19, 2021

Riding in Sync with the Feet, Part 2

by Mary Gallagher

I have been having so much fun continuing to develop the ‘riding in sync’ exercises I introduced in my last video. It’s basically a flexible warm up program that gets you and your horse moving and feeling together. How we warm up and the attitude we express in our hands travels down to the horse—who feels everything. Sure, he feels our body move, and our hands move through the reins, but even more importantly, he can feel our intentions and attitude. So it’s as much about managing ourselves as anything. Horses pick up on everything!This riding in sync is very deliberate and feels slow at first. And it’s good to keep it that way for longer than we are used to in traditional schooling. I find starting out at the walk, where everything is moving slower, helps me synchronize with my horse better. In fact, I test all my ideas in the walk, to get feedback from my horse while there is less pressure and I am less likely to lose the connection, or unintentionally put pressure on our relationship. As you practice new ideas and ways of communicating with your horse—and in life—I think we all can appreciate slowing down, paying attention, and working through new concepts as partners.

So that’s where we are in this second video. I review what we did, and add some new moves to grow what we started last time. Enjoy the video, and then go share it with your horse!

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