Thursday, June 4, 2015

Remembering Kathy Benson

We lovingly remember long-time Freedom Farm friend Kathy Cooley Benson, who passed away recently. She was a good friend to the people and animals of the Farm, often helping with our events over the years, along with her husband Benny. She kept a sack of horse treats in her open locker for all to dip into, and was ready with a smile and a helping hand, as you can see in these photos we found from 2013 (see below).

At Kathy's request, a collection was taken up her memory, to sponsor a young rider at our youth beach camp this year. Thanks to all who quickly provided the full sponsorship, and thank you, Kathy, for your kindness, love and support all these years!

Lesson Notes: The Benefits of Head Lowering

by Mary Gallagher

When I was working for Jimmy Williams, I noticed that he was forever getting his horses to lower their heads. He would lower a horse’s head to put the bridle on, or to smooth the forelock out under the brow band. He would teach the horse to roll a barrel with its nose. With a squeeze in front of the withers, he’d get the horse to lower its head, and then he would throw a sugar cube on the ground for it. Thinking back, Jimmy spent a lot of time in this endeavor. He must have thought it was important.