Sunday, September 2, 2018

A One of a Kind Blessing Named Shorty (2010-2018)

by Mary Gallagher

Shorty came to us in 2014 from Joe Wolter’s Texas ranch. Joe thought this little horse would make a great children’s horse and I was glad to take him on at Freedom Farm. He was as promising as they get—smart, willing, and talented. But Shorty had something more, a sweetness of spirit that drew anyone that spent time around him, closer. I have always felt that the Universe planted a special seed here at the Farm, in the form of Shorty.

This handsome guy grew into the talented and all around great kid’s horse that Joe and I had expected, carrying my best students through many a jump course, out to play with the cows, and on the trail. He not only accepted hugs, but was okay with multiple kids hovering close, as he stood at the tie rail or reclined in his paddock.

He was a great horse and a love, and sadly, he was taken from us too soon. We will always remember Shorty as a one of a kind blessing to Freedom Farm. This is a brief photo (and video) remembrance of our friend and companion.

Handsome horse in a compact package!

At Beach Camp 2015. Positively cuddlesome…

Hugs before the next class…

Keen, Sensitive and wise

An enthusiastic jumper, and everyone had a part in helping him grow.
Cow work with a little girl on board...

And several with his newest, best friend ever, his owner Ellie...

Shorty, with his winning personality and big heart, was the proof of the magic that happens when you work, play, and move forward in the spirit of love.

As a final remembrance of Shorty's bright spirit, I'd like to share a recent photo of his herd, and end with a very early video of Shorty at Freedom Farm.

Shorty’s herd, just after we laid him to rest. There was magic in the air…
Shorty in 2014, on the occasion of his very first jump!

We love you, Shorty!

***Thanks to all who contributed photos and video for this remembrance.***

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